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Jul 2016
Patrick McCorry
Jul 26 2016 14:26
I'm going through the token example; and I've noticed that the sell function has a mistake. It recommends using the line 'unit revenue = amount * sellPrice;' but when I do this in the Ethereum Wallet - it throws an error. Instead, I need to remove 'unit' and it seems to work fine.
I'm guessing this is the case as the variable 'revenue' is declared in the return aspect of the function?
Alex Van de Sande
Jul 26 2016 15:05
@stonecoldpat thanks for catching that. If you want you can edit it yourself, on the end of the page there’s a blue button saying “improve this page"
Patrick McCorry
Jul 26 2016 15:30
awesome! done :)
Alex Van de Sande
Jul 26 2016 15:36
Jul 26 2016 19:14
whats everyone think about etherum so far??
Arun Rao
Jul 26 2016 21:58
@jesseminera - IMHO, good concept, lacking maturity - will take time - hoping it grows up to a successful endeavour