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Jul 2016
Jul 29 2016 05:22
thanks @luclu
Jul 29 2016 07:16
@luclu Thank you, I'm working with puTTY do you have any tutorials (command lines) for installing Ethereum-Wallet application?
Jul 29 2016 13:57
I am a beginner and trying to learn ethereum programming using solidity
please let me knwo what all needs to be installed to do so
Luca Zeug
Jul 29 2016 14:11
Hi @somuamit for the smoothest start I can recommend you to familiarise with
  1. try to understand the vision of Ethereum - this will make it obvious how the pillars (EVM, swarm/ipfs, whisper) interrelate
  2. understand the advantages and disadvantages of every piece - how they relate to modern system architectures like server-client paradigms. What system characteristics differ?
  3. study the components of each pillar. What are nodes? What is web3.js? Solidity? What interfaces do they have?
  4. Tools. Frameworks, Debugger, Simulators.
    Well and of course Solidity.
All of this will give you a pretty dense read.
For hands-on head-start have a look at
There are also several guides and video resources available at reddit.
@yesminerouis is your VM headless?