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Aug 2016
Aug 03 2016 00:47 UTC
Been watching cryptocurrencies with great interest but I am not a tech guy. Took the bitcoin course online at U of Nicosia and want to use Ethereum in the sandbox to introduce my college government students to distributed decision making and encourage them to educate themselves and take advantage of democratic participation. I am researching the information provided to @somuamit by Luca Zeug. Plenty to work on there. However, I am wondering if anyone has created any working congress models or other government models that might be available as a shortcut. I have three classes in US Government coming up in late August and would like to incorporate Ethereum contracts for them to experiment with. I use a political economy approach so finance and central banking is one alternative. My preference politically to to word at the local level so perhaps city council. Appreciate any help.
Bob Summerwill
Aug 03 2016 04:37 UTC
Hey @wmcarder!
I would recommend that you post this question in I'm sure SOMEBODY will have been investigating something similar.
Luca Zeug
Aug 03 2016 09:18 UTC
@wmcarder that sounds great! Although the only simulation I know about is Andreas Olofsson’s People’s Republic of DOUG which unfortunately isn’t quite what you want and also outdated (even an depreciated Ethereum programming language).