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Aug 2016
Aug 10 2016 18:49
Hi, how can ethereum be used in collective decision-making? Say for a small company with several field experts and investors evaluating which of several proposals to go with?
Aug 10 2016 18:53
i am quite new to ethereum and i have been reading about deploying contracts. Do i have to necessarily buy ether using bitcoins or i can mine them up straight and how long does it take to make some initial value of a contract once you start moving
Aug 10 2016 19:54
@SeanWilkinson check out this video:
@cyrus19901 I’m also very new to this, but from what I’ve read so far, mining isn’t going to be very lucrative.
People mostly suggest that instead of putting the money into doing mining, you might as well directly buy the ether you want. At least in the beginning.
Aug 10 2016 20:00
Qn on the transactions in a block: it appears that the transactions collected into a block by two winning nodes could be completely different both in order and the actual transactions. Is that so or are all transactions ordered the same on every block which come up together with a PoW?
I understand that it will be ordered by timestamp, but even then two transactions could be initiated at the same time, right?
Aug 10 2016 22:43
alright! in that case buying some ether makes sense. Another question i have is regarding moving an account from one system to the other. How do we do that ?