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Aug 2016
Aug 12 2016 00:10
Hi guys. Is there a documentation on how to use the Eth mining client? I'd like to learn more about features and options.
Aug 12 2016 07:29
@akeif on the test network at least, I’m using the Develop->Start Mining feature to start mining.
on the main network I’m not giving any suggestions because I haven’t done it properly myself (I had tried with AlethZero and AlethOne but was told they were deprecated). But check the minercommunitysupport channel and also check the documentation.
Aug 12 2016 10:27
I created two test accounts and I have a main network account. When I checked the keystore folder to back it up, I see that there is still only one file.
So apparently the testnet has its own subfolder and there are two separate keys within its keystore for my two test accounts. Just in case anybody went through a 1 second panic like me. :-)
Aug 12 2016 12:33
Is there anywhere an explanatory video of one block as it exists in reality and what all it contains? i.e. the actual size of a block, all the different storage spaces within it, what all is in that storage space.
Michael Onubogu
Aug 12 2016 17:49
Can anyone point me in the direction of where I could find info on mining from a dapp? I'm using truffle with Windows 10 uwp and I'm creating a uwp dapp where a user mines tokens based on specific criteria
Aug 12 2016 18:25
Where can I access the libraries that support ETC and ETH?