These are chat archives for ethereum/tutorials

Aug 2016
Badr bellaj
Aug 19 2016 11:13
hi, could we install ethstats ( to monitor a private local chaine
Portia Burton
Aug 19 2016 18:32
@Farmerjohn2022 You can use regular HTML/CSS to build a front end fo Ethereum. If interested in building an app you can take a look at the js framework meteor
Jason Ziegler
Aug 19 2016 19:05
Is there a step by step to installing the ethereum wallet for newbs?
Portia Burton
Aug 19 2016 19:48
@jasonmziegler If familiar with the command line, you can follow the instructions on how to install an ethereum wallet here
John Saunders
Aug 19 2016 21:56
@pkafei thank you, I normally have really bad internet and no contact with people. At present I am the opposite but unfortunately a bit confused by people in real life. Funny being at a course and getting a real understanding of what people are like. So HTML or CSS is what a Wordpress site is?
Portia Burton
Aug 19 2016 23:15
@Farmerjohn2022 A Wordpress site is HTML, CSS and PHP. You just need HTML/CSS and Solidity