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Aug 2016
Jason Ziegler
Aug 20 2016 04:08
@pkafei Thank you, Portia. I did install Mist. I tried to add my coins from the pre-sale and they were there for a sec, then clicked around a bit and they were gone (or at least I couldn't see them) the wallet seemed pretty buggy. I was hoping the wallet @ was different than mist. Is it not?
John Saunders
Aug 20 2016 09:45
I know I am about to say something really random but it is actually completely serious and I think we should do it. Build a huge memory chip in the ground on my farm and put a massive ariel in it and store the Blockchain in it. Build this massive organic dome in the centre of it and have a massive buzzing computer system in the middle. Controlling the farms and a lot more. On the rest of the farm no wifi or anything that's not connected to robots controlling the farm and of course the life that the farm is dependent on.
Portia Burton
Aug 20 2016 17:55

@jasonmziegler The wallet can be found in mist, but there is also a stand-alone wallet app.

If you found any bugs you can report them in issues