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Sep 2016
Sep 13 2016 02:11
Can anyone tell if the contract is HumanStandardToken.sol please?
Sep 13 2016 14:06
I looked at "MyAdvancedToken" from and spotted some issue: after deployment the totalSupply returns 0 no matter what I define in the constructor. If I invoke mintToken the updated totalSupply returns the minted amount. Looking in the source code I found that "totalSupply" is declared 2 times - once in the parent contract ("token") and once in the "MyAdvancedToken" thus shadowing the parent declaration. I fixed this by removing totalSupply from "MyAdvancedToken". Is there a bugtracker available for the website?
Sep 13 2016 17:13
Hi. need a38e1e5 plz pm/email thx
Sep 13 2016 18:01
Can somebody please point me the tutorials link for ethereum if any available
Sep 13 2016 20:36
Bob Summerwill
Sep 13 2016 21:34

@reachrkr the tutorials are ...

Also, check out the Ethereum documentation at