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Oct 2016
Oct 04 2016 11:13
Hi All
Newbie here am trying to use the Solidity My Token contract
and everytime I try to deploy it , it says "The account you want to send from is empty"
Am using the testnet server
any ides?
I am just trying to create a crypto coin, the first tutorial on solidity
Oct 04 2016 14:39
I installed newest version cpp-ethereum-windows 1.2.9, it only has AlethZero installed, no AlethOne, any idea?
Bob Summerwill
Oct 04 2016 19:46

That isn't the newest version, @qym912.
This is -

AlethOne was discontinued many months ago, and AlethZero and Mix have been discontinued as well now.

If you want to mine, you need to use the ethminer command-line.

Head to for help.

Sebastian Schürmann
Oct 04 2016 20:37
@kenpat06 that might help you
Oct 04 2016 21:18
@ thank you very much for the info
To thank Bob, I selected Bob Summerwill after @ , but the name is not showing, why?