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Oct 2016
Oct 15 2016 00:12
Hi Anyone
Oct 15 2016 07:39
Where can I get the API of POST_TRANSACTION?
Oct 15 2016 07:40
I am trying to setup eth-netstats for my private networks using the library eth-netstats and eth-net-intelligence-api. Everything works well except the transaction graph and gas price graph, its blank all the time. Did any one face this issue before?
Oct 15 2016 09:25
Sorry for a newbie question. Is it possible to create a blockchain token holding certain user information for e.g. some database records but with no currency attribute for e.g. addresses ?
Yoichi Hirai
Oct 15 2016 17:24
@dhimanak you can create something like that.
@dhimanak a token contract keeps a number for each address but instead of a number a smart contract can remember other information.
Oct 15 2016 19:53
Hi, can I translate the page?
Translate to other languages (ex. pt-BR), by a existent repo (eg. github of translations)? There are more people doing translations here?