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Nov 2016
Eric Stermer
Nov 28 2016 14:38
from what I am learning, there are a couple things to understand
and someone can correct me if i am wrong
Ethereum is like a database on the backend that resides on a blockchain which exists in the world computer
it basically is written in solidity which is a newly created "Contract Oriented Language" which triggers exchange events in that blockchain
and just like any backend there is a front end that goes with it, which in the case of ethereum, the front end client is called Mist
which is like your chrome browser for ethereum
where in mist you can use standard HTML, CSS, and JS and all other frameworks and libraries to design websites to interact with contracts
So it is up to you whether you want to learn how to write general website programming or contract writing in Solidity
Eric Stermer
Nov 28 2016 14:44
There is a new Solidity environment to learn in that is right in the browser and you can find that here: