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Dec 2016
Neo Wenyuan
Dec 08 2016 00:41
\@geoster hi there, i'm now as well, but been past your phase
@geoster basically, just do not deploy the contract yet until you finished reading the whole page, and do the customization you may need.
@ccvman what are u interested in?
Geoff McNeely
Dec 08 2016 01:56
Thanks @neowenyuan27 I wish they had led with that. Or, rather, I guess I'm doing the tutorial twice. I follow what it says, and it worked! So I will start another contract and do the more involved pieces. Thanks for the clarification!
Neo Wenyuan
Dec 08 2016 07:17
@geoster hah, dun worry about it. I'm on the same path as you, kind of stuck in other places now though