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Dec 2016
Himanshu Pandey
Dec 19 2016 08:51
anyone using truffle on windows ??
Error: Source "ConvertLib.sol" not found: File not supplied initially.
I am getting this error when compiling truffle sample project
I did not change anything.
Dec 19 2016 11:12

Greeting all! Just working through the example Advanced Token creation code here:

Can someone explain why although the MyAdvancedToken contract inherits from the token contract, we need to define some of the functions again in MyAdvancedToken? Specifically, the "transfer" and "transferFrom" functions are defined twice, once in token and once in MyAdvancedToken.

Edit: I think I answered my own question. It's probably because the MyAdvancedToken definitions extend the original definitions by including frozen account handling. But then are the originals still needed in "token" then if these extended versions are used?