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Jan 2017
Jan 17 2017 00:32
Is it possible that it's because I don't have Xcode installed?
Jan 17 2017 01:52
ok, there's this error: "Error: solc: exec: "solc": executable file not found in $PATH" ... but it's encompassing folder is in my $PATH of my bash and I can execute it from anywhere...
Jan 17 2017 06:22
Hi... Four days ago, i got about 2000 Ether after mining in test-net. But I find all money is gone yesterday. Does any body have the same problem ?
Nur Azhar
Jan 17 2017 06:51
Hi can someone tutor me on what's the recommended wallet to be use on chromebook?
for eth
besides Jaxx
Neo Wenyuan
Jan 17 2017 14:41
@nurazhar can take a look at