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Feb 2017
Feb 16 2017 13:21
Hello, i'm new to ethereum; i followed the tutorial for the MyAdvancedToken stuff on ; i do not understand why i'm not able to do the sell or buy-contract methods after deployment; neither on my local "testrpc" nor at the ethereum testnet; what are the requirements to use these functions?
Feb 16 2017 16:31
@tkdp Can you please share what message are you seeing on execution? You can also try pasting the sample token code to browser solidity and see if you get the same error message
Feb 16 2017 20:50
hi @prashanth-devadas in Mist on executing the contract i get the message: "The contract won't allow this transaction to be executed"; in Remix i get the message "VM Exception: invalid JUMP at dad32543c81e8346e8a548323669dbf8c168bc65d83b69d8ec27c0baf6c652d6/692a70d2e424a56d2c6c27aa97d1a86395877b3a:5589"