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Mar 2017
sagar jethi
Mar 07 2017 07:21
Hello everyone,
i am to new blockchain .i need develop career blockchain
but i have same question
Where start learning fundament blockchain?
What should per requirements knowledge?
how i can start blockchain app development ?
any demo opent souce app useing blockchain
Mar 07 2017 12:40
Hi, I am trying to deploy The Shareholder Association contract but I receive an error:
Undeclared identifier.
ProposalTallied(proposalNumber, result, quorum, p.proposalPassed);
for 'result'
I already created my own token and it worked without any problem
Does everyone get this problem ?
and i am using Mist on the test network
insidious ( Andrew Plaza )
Mar 07 2017 17:26
so how do you deploy contracts on the network?