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Mar 2017
Yoichi Hirai
Mar 10 2017 09:23
@jeffanthony EXTCODESIZE instruction can tell if an address has some code or no code.
Mar 10 2017 10:12
@pirapira I tried to paste the code of the Shareholder Association:
@pirapira and i received the error : Undeclared identifier. ProposalTallied(proposalNumber, result, quorum, p.proposalPassed); and 'result' is underlined
@pirapira I already tried the codes of Token and Blockchain Congress and it worked without any issues
Yoichi Hirai
Mar 10 2017 10:16
I get the same error.
Replace result with 0 and the code compiles...
but the tutorial is broken there.
@Stigjf will you document the compilation error here?