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Apr 2017
Thiago ZRX
Apr 20 2017 01:13
hello everyone
i create a token but i need send 0.50000000 CoinExample
but token send only 1 or 2 or 10
integer only
how to send decimals values only?
Apr 20 2017 04:55
There is an example of how to send funds on this page
The interface has ability to take decimals
Apr 20 2017 22:56
I have 4 questions on token issuance with Ethereum:
  1. How much ether should I except to pay if I create a token inside Ethereum?
  2. Will a higher transaction volume with this token mean a higher cost?
  3. Do transactions in Ethereum carry a transaction cost in ether/gas? Who covers the cost and how do you avoid spam transactions?
  4. Is there a transaction confirmation time with tokens inside Ethereum?