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Apr 2017
Matthew Orris
Apr 28 2017 03:00
Hi, I'm working on the Crowdsale tutorial. I can't figure out how to get the association to call the safeWithdrawl() function. It seems that it needs to be executed by the address where the Association contract was deployed. It appears that Mist does not allow me to select that address as an origin. Am I missing something?
Matthew Orris
Apr 28 2017 03:06
It seems to me the way this tutorial is setup that the Association is correctly the beneficiary of the tokens, but that the Association contract has no function that is able to withdraw the ETHER funds that were sent to the CrowdSale contract. Is it possible to use geth to call the safeWithdraw() function?
Apr 28 2017 09:06
hi, looking for an open source exchange that i can setup in my country since none exists for ethereum. i am looking for someone who can offer their development skills to customise an open source platform. i am wiling to pay but please understand this is a new startup venture and i will be putting in my own funds and sweat equity. so go easy on me with the rate :)