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May 2017
May 04 2017 12:51
Hey guys, i solved my issue !!! Finally, I can make token !! ( 1 week....) But, i have a problem.... because, When i send my token to other contract , Number of my token is not decrease.....
Guillermo García Rojas C.
May 04 2017 12:52
Cool, unlimited tokens!
May 04 2017 14:32
hello, guys. I have deployed contract using mist but no confirmations received from last 6 hours. I looked at the etherscan and it said "contract created". I'm using last version of mist. Any ideas where should I look?
May 04 2017 16:14
@SoloBSD Please help me .... transfer of user to user is normal , but number of administer's token is not decrease...
I'll open ico ...
May 04 2017 22:38
I'm lost - can a contract or a token be updated after its launched?
also, does it cost the contract holder eth for token holders to trade between themselves? Does the contract holder issue a tax?
May 04 2017 22:44
" for the moment fees can only be paid in ether and therefore all users of your tokens need it." p so the token holders need ether? Distributed from when I init the token or do they need to associate the token with their eth wallet and then pay eth to trade the token?