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May 2017
May 06 2017 04:55
Could someone guide me on writing a smart contract? I think what I am looking for isnt so hard, willing to pay if necesary, sorry if this post isn´t allowed here. I read the FAQ And couldn´t find anything that said this isn´t allowed.
Jeffrey Anthony
May 06 2017 08:56
@novumhouse & @yungsarria please refer to and read down, it will introduce you to contracts with a starter token dapp.
May 06 2017 15:30
Has any of you done a ethereum hackaton?
May 06 2017 15:32
thax Jeffrey
May 06 2017 16:50
how can i offer 10% of my custom-token to investors during ICO? Eg -> invest now, when myToken is minted later, 10% gets split proportionally between investors
contract InvestorContract { ... 
// addresses of investors
mapping (address => uint256) public balanceOf; }

function contractEnd() {
    // logic to split investor shares into MyToken ?
Anthony Albertorio
May 06 2017 16:57
Hey Guys!
How do I get started learning about Ethereum and smart contracts?
May 06 2017 16:58 has a starter token dapp
you can start learning there I guess
Anthony Albertorio
May 06 2017 17:00
Thanks @yungsarria
How did you learn and get involved with the community?
May 06 2017 17:05
I start reading @ last week learnt a lot already
Anthony Albertorio
May 06 2017 17:10
Thanks @xlcrr
How has been the learning curve @xlcrr ?
May 06 2017 17:13
solidity is quite easy to pick up but i have not found much info beyond the basic templates yet
there are still a few things i don't understand
like, do I need to run a full node? and how much eth should a contract store - and does this pay for the gas transactions of users or do they pay themselves?
Anthony Albertorio
May 06 2017 17:18
Aaa I am looking at this basic book here:
May 06 2017 17:19
that looks cool. thanks for that. I also bought 2 udemy courses last week for €10 each
have to say, anytime i asked a q on one of the courses i got a response right away. my init problem was storing the blockchain externally
May 06 2017 17:24
@xlcrr have you done your own smart contract already?
May 06 2017 17:32
not yet, working on it
May 06 2017 17:53
Does anyone know why starting my coin using the directions from Eths website is not compiling?
Undeclared identifier.
if (balanceOf[_from] < _value) throw; // Check if the sender has enough
Philippe Castonguay
May 06 2017 17:56
Are _value and _from accessible to the current function?
Anthony Albertorio
May 06 2017 22:39
Which Udemy Courses do you recommend @xlcrr ?
May 06 2017 23:12
depends what you want to do, the courses i saw helped me set up a private network but tbh ive learnt more from the docs
i grabbed 2 of them for a tenner each, not worth significantly more imo
May 06 2017 23:37
Hello! I tried to upload ETH via bitcoin in Ethereum Wallet, send it to adress that was shown, but closed the window with adress before I recieved ETH, so it was about 8 hours ago, and I still haven`t recieved it. Maybe someone had the same problem? Thank you