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May 2017
May 10 2017 03:52
The code listed in the "THE CODE" section isn't working for me
Undeclared identifier.
if (balanceOf[_from] < _value) throw; // Check if the sender has enough
I copied it exactly but I get this error back
I'm a complete novice and don't know how to fix it
May 10 2017 04:27
@AmericanNirvana did you intialize the balanceOf variable beforehand?
May 10 2017 20:34
I am a beginner and know nothing about ethereum application. Whats the best way to start?
May 10 2017 21:10
im about to deploy a contract but i just downloaded ethereum wallet on a new pc. 1% blockchain has been downloaded so far, is that why I cannot deploy the contract i just coded?
Guillermo García Rojas C.
May 10 2017 23:24
@darshanbnayak the best way to start is going to the Ethereum website, Google for it