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May 2017
May 23 2017 07:47
Hi I am new to the group Can someone tell me who to buy ETH? Thank you
How to buy ETH many thanks
Pico Joule
May 23 2017 14:46
@banzaaiboy which country are you in?
Stephen Richard Perrott
May 23 2017 14:57
Hey guys
Have tryed all wallets on etherscsn but none seems to sync... Any ideas?
Think lost a load of ether for some reason gets tp 1 and sends it to some account i dont know
Sergio Lopez Montolio
May 23 2017 15:24
I'm reviewing the crowdsale example and I have a small question. When the crowdsale is open, somehow the contract "holds" ether, right? As it is receiving ether using the () function and not sending it anywhere
May 23 2017 16:44
May 23 2017 16:58

hey, guys, I'm trying to use the code example of crowdsale and get an error: Unused local variable
contract token { function transfer(address receiver, uint amount){ } }

What can be a problem?

Muhammad Adnan Aftab
May 23 2017 21:04

Hi, new to the forum and not sure if this is the place to ask related question, if not please point me to right direction.

Is this possible that we write a smart contract which does a transaction? Like one party selling something and other is buying, now there is a bit trust issue as who will transfer first. Is this possible that smart contract acts a middle man and once both transfer money and goods/ services to etehreum than there transfer them to respective parties?

If yes will I need to pay some fee like transaction fee to ethereum?
If I want to develop a mobile app which speaks to smart contracts how can I do that? do we have some apis or sdks for that?