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May 2017
May 24 2017 02:41
may you all add huge value to ethereum
May 24 2017 07:08
Hi. Super new in coding and etherium
I want to know
Do I need to have a separate machine to buy/sell and dev on etherium?
May 24 2017 15:22
Hello all!
I have a question about setting up private networks. Are the private network nodes expected to use their own boot nodes or do they continue to use the default ones hardcoded in the client?
May 24 2017 15:30
^asked on General room instead. answers are welcome though if anyone knows!
May 24 2017 17:00
Need help in creating my own ICO for TTD and use that to exchange for USD? Lots of $ to be made, since there is a USD shortage in the country. The black market value is 33% higher than the trading value.
Help anyone.
Servio Tulio Reyes Castillo
May 24 2017 20:27
Hi, How to do I start mining ethers?
May 24 2017 23:57
@banzaaiboy here's my affiliate link were u can buy ETH Many thanks