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May 2017
Jayesh Jain
May 25 2017 06:02
I have been running the folowing contract
and following console commands
but am not able to run the function defined in the contract
May 25 2017 06:52
hello is there any service to help me recover my ethereum pasword thank you
May 25 2017 09:13
hi guys if anyone looking wer to buy ETH here's my affiliate every little helps for and many thanks in advance and thanks to the admin for allowing my post.
May 25 2017 10:20
really confused downloaded the wallet deposited into it when starting my account and i cant see any funds yet btc has left my wallet
anyone shed any light on this ?
May 25 2017 14:30
Hey all,
Quick question. is there a cost to launching a token on the network or is it strictly open source? Sorry for the n00b question.
May 25 2017 14:32
@Asada09 Only miner fee
May 25 2017 14:33
OK great thanks. What if it was issued as a token only?
May 25 2017 14:34
@Asada09 it doesn't matter. All transactions cost gas
May 25 2017 14:36
OK thanks. So in simple terms. A portion of the coin is deducted as part of the network fee? I understand the code side, etc. Just looking for clarity on the intrinsic value. i.e. will I have to pay an initial ETH fee or a portion of my coins to the network?
May 25 2017 14:42
You will pay some ETH for transaсtion which create your tokens, вut this does not depend on the number of your tokens
May 25 2017 15:05
Brilliant thank you.
May 25 2017 20:33
@BjSmouX Did you solve your problem with crowdsale code? I have the same problem.
hey, guys, I'm trying to use the code example of crowdsale and get an error: Unused local variable
contract token { function transfer(address receiver, uint amount){ } }
, who can help ?