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May 2017
May 30 2017 02:35
Doing an ICO backed by real assets. Creating a test crowdsale and set parameters, but unable to deploy the fixed supply token example as the "from" field will not allow me to enter my address, so I cannot deploy and save address...please advise and thank you
May 30 2017 08:24
my testnet has been downloading blocks for years now (lol 3 days to be exact). Is this normal ?
May 30 2017 09:24
Having trouble with the -
it says that there is an unused code for "Address Reciever, & Uint Amount" I have not been able to find anything to have this work..
Just realized this chat is not really viewed by anyone but the public. Wish there was an admin here to support
Unused local variable
May 30 2017 14:19
do anyone know why i can't deploy the contract after i created it? nothing happens when i click
May 30 2017 14:27
@jeremybeal11 also if it helps I'm using the ETH waller program on the site to deploy beta test
Jeffrey Anthony
May 30 2017 14:52
@odapplications Solidity evolves faster than the tutorial there, for now I suggest ignoring warnings and barreling through, only errors will prevent compilation
@moefarms that field is likely to be 'msg.sender' which is the account sending the transaction, simply send from the wallet you'd like to own the tokens
Jeffrey Anthony
May 30 2017 15:00
@psam-git if by 'testnet' you mean a personal one you are 'downloading' from yourself, your miner to be exact
May 30 2017 23:18
I created a custom token, by doing so I minted tokens and set the price. Then I even bought some of my own tokens, adding ETH to the contract balance.. however now when I try to sell tokens.. it fails and the ETH is stuck on the contract.. any ideas?