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Jun 2017
Jun 01 2017 09:27
hey guys
i need help with an issue
Jun 01 2017 11:36
anyone know why after deploying new contract my transaction would just disappear without a trace. my ether is gone but no token is created?
Jun 01 2017 12:13
@wdoenlen I'd like your opinion on a few things, could we PM?
Jun 01 2017 12:37
Will Doenlen
Jun 01 2017 16:50
@brdtrpp Sure
Celso Marigo Junior
Jun 01 2017 18:25
Hi everyone...
Celso Marigo Junior
Jun 01 2017 18:31
Is there a way to create a coin, and index it´s value to a company value? And define a smart contract to ensure this.
Rocky Fikki
Jun 01 2017 19:00
The only way I see in doing that is to use oraclize to tap into public audited data. This would not be possible for companies without audited financials that are not verifiable in it public manner.
Celso Marigo Junior
Jun 01 2017 19:07
What would be the function of Oraclize in this context?
Rocky Fikki
Jun 01 2017 19:15
Retrieve real world data that is stored in centralized systems:
Celso Marigo Junior
Jun 01 2017 19:16
I reading the docs... Thanks a lot! It was a good kickstart to me!