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Jun 2017
Jun 05 2017 02:47
Hello, i just want to share these easiest place to buy, use, and accept bitcoin and ethereum.
Mobile wallet · Full control · Recurring buys
Brands: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
Jun 05 2017 04:05
what is the recommended hardware configuration for someone learning ethereum.. I want to connect to testnet for now
how do I get some test currency?
Jun 05 2017 10:22
Is there any good tutorial step by step guide on the program?
Jun 05 2017 17:36
Could somebody answer me a newbie question: I have installed geth and started it with geth --testnet . After downloading the blockchain however I am not at the same block number (i am around 1031154) as in (which is around 1062481) and I can also not find my account and the ether, which on my local geth client I can see that I mined 5 Ethers ... am I even on the testnet or am I on something local?
Edson Alcalá
Jun 05 2017 17:39
@DomiDre as far as the block number I'm not sure about it, but in terms of the geth client, I normally use truffle and I can use the truffle console to interact with the client. So that I can create accounts, unlock, etc.
Jun 05 2017 17:40
@EdsonAlcala ok is that better?, I will google it
Edson Alcalá
Jun 05 2017 17:42
@DomiDre for me is very easy to use because you basically interact with the web3.js API and in the console can see everything
Chris Whinfrey
Jun 05 2017 19:25
Hey! I made this tutorial on basic dApp development. If someone could confirm that I have used all the semantics right I would really appreciate it.
Steven Gerhard
Jun 05 2017 20:15
I get syntax errors copy/pasting the democratic org code
Unused local variable
Member m = members[id];
Jun 05 2017 21:51
Do all ethereum tokens have an initial finite supply which is distributed in the ICO?
or are there other popular methods of distributing the tokens
Philippe Castonguay
Jun 05 2017 21:52
There are many ways in fact
Jun 05 2017 21:54
are there any examples?