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Jun 2017
Jun 06 2017 00:08
How does your money gain value while in ethereum? And how can you mine for ether
I just investing and earn daily because everyday ETH is goingup.. just grab the opportunity and read on the financial news and learn.
Jun 06 2017 10:56
Hello, new here. Our company wants to create an asset backed currency. So we're looking into creating a central bank like structure, with ability to mint coins. I have a few questions:
  1. Can we give our customers/users a branded wallet, so it is all setup for them, with our coin being watched by default?
  1. Can the wallet be branded, kind of the same question.
  1. How can our coin be exchanged for other coins or Euro/USD? How difficult is it to setup our own exchange where our customers will be able to buy our coins and sell the? We want to provide exchange services for our clients, like banks do. So they can just convert from our coin to fiat money inside the wallet or our website.
Jun 06 2017 11:00
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Dont waste your time.. Etherium all time season high in the market like bitcoin
Jun 06 2017 11:02
Thank you shuwie. Can we get a feed from them of the exchange rates and offer our clients auto conversion inside the wallet at a slightly larger margin?
do you mean not to use the Etherium network to setup our coin as Ether is too expensive as a BAAS?
Jun 06 2017 11:08
ETH current rate: 250.65
Opening rate: 241.01
Closing rate: 241.01
Thats base on my broker
Yes i just advise is too complicated.. and need expert for that but i still learning on how to mine Ethereum but right now im listening to my broker..
Jun 06 2017 17:51
any good document that talk about setting up a ethereum private network?