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Jun 2017
Jun 08 2017 04:13 UTC
Anyone can explain why I deploy my contract (using standard code from #the-code example) and I get 0 confirmations in the Wallet even though I see 1 block confirmation on etherscan and then the created contract disappears from my wallet before confirming? I get charged the ether and have tried this 3 times with no success
anyone?? I mean is token generation broken or something?
Jun 08 2017 04:31 UTC
what a cold, vacuous space this Ethereum is turning out to be
my pillow looks much more inviting right now, Auf Wiedersehen!
Yoichi Hirai
Jun 08 2017 08:22 UTC
@frank-dms if the contract stays on etherscan, it probably exists. I don't know why it disappears from your wallets (I guess that's a question specific to that wallet, I only use geth).