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Jun 2017
Jun 11 2017 01:03
OMG! Where am I? I just wanted to find out about Etherium. And Github brought me here.
Perhaps I should stay with my bitcoin which is doing quite well, thank you! ;-)
Philippe Castonguay
Jun 11 2017 02:02
Jun 11 2017 05:56
I'm brand new here just wanted to say "Hello!" while I download the blocks :wave:
Jun 11 2017 08:41
Hi guys, can i define my token as a loyalty point, and may be 1000 tokens is equal to one ETH?
Jun 11 2017 16:42
I am trying to get the following ethereum implementation in Android to work. Does anyone know of implementations to get geth working on android?
andy miller
Jun 11 2017 23:49
What's a good starter project I can work on with Ethereum to start learning it?
Philippe Castonguay
Jun 11 2017 23:50
Check the ethereum/tutorials room Andy! A lot of good discussions :)
andy miller
Jun 11 2017 23:50
Thanks Philippe!