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Jun 2017
Jun 17 2017 00:12
hi guys, am a newbie to Ethereum & the Blockchain world in general,, i am having a hard time trying to understand how the blockchain really functions, how the transaction are made, and how mining happens, i have a good technical background, but still, i don't really understand how it works
Any suggestions please ?!
Yoichi Hirai
Jun 17 2017 07:43
@jim1399 sounds like you need dig into the network layer to be fully convinced. That's really great because most people take that layer granted and focus on things above.
Jun 17 2017 11:26
Hello together, can I download all tutorials, texts etc. from eth in one file? I'd like to print that and read it all. Printing because I like to scribble everywhere :-) Thanks a lot!
Vamsi Vishnubhotla
Jun 17 2017 22:04
I am interested in building an application to allow people to vote in elections in the United States using the Instant Runoff method of ranked voting.
I am wondering if the blockchain would be a meaningful approach to this problem, given that it would make all votes instantaneously public.