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Jun 2017
Jun 18 2017 14:47
@pirapira i am in the computer science field,, and in a field like this you always need to understand the roots of things,, how things work deeply inside...
Anyway,, i am starting to understand a lot of things,, i found a lot of tuts out there thanks to Google & Youtube,, and here is a list of some good resources that i have found:
  • this guy called "david burela" he have some great tuts in his blog which is named "Burela's house-o-blog"
  • the Consensys blog in medieum is a great ressource for noobs and advanced users
  • i also found an amazing youtube channel that can help you start writing your first smart contract,, it's called "shlomi zeltsinger"
  • Truffle team made a lot of great tuts on how to install the truffle framework properly & how to write, build & deploy your smart contracts using truffle
Edson Alcalá
Jun 18 2017 14:53
thanks !
I also watched Jordan Leigh videos in Youtube and I understood a lot of things
Jun 18 2017 20:59
Pls, where can i download Ethereum wallet to create my cryptocurrency?
Jun 18 2017 23:37
Hey Guys, I wanna create an Token with Ethereum, I already looked over the page of , now I got the question left: Where can I do all these things, where do I have to put the code etc?
Philippe Castonguay
Jun 18 2017 23:37
Look into truffle @githubnoob1234
Truffle with some text editor like Sublime and you should be good to go :)