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Jun 2017
Jun 19 2017 08:11
What's the best way to become fluent in blockchain development?
Yoichi Hirai
Jun 19 2017 09:03
@jim1399 why don't you start an awesome ethereum list.
Jayesh Jain
Jun 19 2017 09:56
@pirapira can you elighten me regarding truffle , embark and other platoform to develop DApps ?
Yoichi Hirai
Jun 19 2017 09:59
@jjcool I've never used them. I usually write EVM bytecode or LLL.
Jayesh Jain
Jun 19 2017 09:59
yes , I also do same
@all can anybody help me enlighten wiht same ?
Jun 19 2017 10:39
@githubnoob1234 I tried online tool rexmix it is in solidity and here a a sample video on creating a first contract It does mention Truffle in the video
Jun 19 2017 12:15
Hey Guys, I wanna create an Token with Ethereum, I already looked over the page of , now the question is Where can I do all these things, where do I have to put the code etc? I can not see the development environment in ethereum to deploy distributed applications.
Jayesh Jain
Jun 19 2017 12:18
@Alifff use testrpc for developer level and then deploy on ropsten testnet for live network experience
@Alifff for further quiries PM me
Jun 19 2017 13:04
I am using eth-lightwallet to generate accounts and then sign and create contract. I am able to create a contract and send raw transaction to blockchain node. Now i want to call one of the contract function which accepts 4-5 arguements and sets those arguements in variables. But I am not able to do this. Getting error as "Cannot read property 'inputs' of undefined".. Any help appreciated
Jun 19 2017 13:56
What about other apps not tokens or more cryptocurrencys? I assume I just use the ledger, "token" how I want but can I get an example of say an apology atio
Jun 19 2017 14:41
@jjcool thank you Jayesh. Sure I will let you know
Georgios Konstantopoulos
Jun 19 2017 18:41
Has anyone managed to connect testrpc with geth?
For some reason when I launch testrpc and attach geth to it miner and admin ipc are disabled. Am I missing something fundamental?
Jun 19 2017 22:56
I am work on my cryptocurrency, and i have reached the deply stage and its taking too much time to show something after i clicked on the deploy botton, what should i do?