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Jun 2017
Jun 26 2017 03:37
Jun 26 2017 07:42
can anyone explain mapping addresses to me?
is mapping the keyword for the following associative array?
Yoichi Hirai
Jun 26 2017 08:59
mapping is a keyword in Solidity
Jun 26 2017 13:25
hey guys! can someone please explain me this token? i mean..once i create one, people can mine them or just buy them using ethereum?
Yoichi Hirai
Jun 26 2017 15:19
@joaoadegas when you create a token, you set the rules how one can obtain/lose it.
Scott Yu
Jun 26 2017 16:59
Hi, is it possible to create a contract without having any Eth in your wallet?
Rich Linnell
Jun 26 2017 20:30
@scootcho I couldn't find any way and no-one answered me when I asked. :(
Andrey Zolin
Jun 26 2017 20:47
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Jun 26 2017 20:57
Hi guys, I was trying to deploy in Ethereum Wallet this sample code creating a digital token. The problem is that the initial full code contains two contracts, and the Ethereum Wallet prompts me to pick one. How can I use a code with two contracts?
Jun 26 2017 21:37
Hi all, I'm looking for docs about how sign a transaction, I need to know how implement the algorithm. Thanks in advance!
Alex Braz
Jun 26 2017 22:20
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