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Jun 2017
Dheeban Srinivasan Govindarajan
Jun 30 2017 03:03
Hi Team
I am new to blockchain and Ethereum .. I have been reading whitepapers
on Bitcoin, Blockchain ..and a few other Decentralized app on top of Ethereum
I want to code on top of ethereum
can someone please suggest where to start..
I am also scouting these threads.. to grasp as much as I can
Jun 30 2017 07:12
how do you register to ethereum
Yoichi Hirai
Jun 30 2017 08:37
@ibrahimy1981 nobody keeps track of participants.
Jun 30 2017 08:43
Can we use Java to create our own crypto-currency with ethereum?
Jun 30 2017 12:06
Guys i following the instructions on, but i am facing some issues which is i cannot deploy a contract , there is no message is appearing, it looks like the button is not responding, the only thing difference than the tutorial is that i cannot select any thing in the from address, but in the tutorial it is selcected to Etherbase. how do i make that work .
Jun 30 2017 12:29
hello how i can send the equivalent token to the sender who sends eth to me ?
do i need any transaction api for eth ?
Andy Marsden
Jun 30 2017 12:30
Hi - basic question I'm sure, I've just attempting the tutorial. I've deployed my contract - but no sign of the tokens in my wallet in mist? Any ideas ?