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Jul 2017
Jul 01 2017 07:51
Hi everyone. I have been thinking about issuing a token on ethereum. However I would like to be able to create and destroy token according to the demand on a daily basis. Is that possible or does the amount of token has to be defined when the token is initially created ? Thank you for your help
Jul 01 2017 07:53
@Arbatrio balance in ERC20 is uint value in DAPP, create / destroy according to your solidity codes. you've to pay for tx gas.
Jul 01 2017 15:38
Hi all, I am exploring some solidity contracts provided in the tuts. In particular, in the 'Blockchain Congress' contract I find a call that I fail to understand. * 1 ether)(txBytecode)
here, recipient is an address, and txBytecode is another contract's byte code. It seems to me that the idea here is to execute the pointed contract, but I do not understand the syntax (amount * 1 ether) bit. Can you please help me clarify my mind?
The call is in function executeProposal()
Jul 01 2017 19:45
hey everyone
im new to this whole blockchain and ether
i want to learn how to write smart contracts i need some help