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Jul 2017
Jul 03 2017 14:03
can some help me with shh whisper is always returning me null
are there any examples of how to use whisper
Jul 03 2017 14:16
Hi everyone!
I'm starting to dive in the tutorial but I'm left wondering : Are there any costs associated with creating a token ? Or can I create one for free ?
Jul 03 2017 15:10
on testnet it is free
but on the real blockchain iut will cost ya
Jul 03 2017 15:11
@4Theking Hi Ssup ?
Jul 03 2017 15:17
can anyone send me some ether on testnet? my address is 0xcC3Af2e583D41A0EC871efF7D2D7F447B9346c36
Jul 03 2017 15:22
@danastos alright that's what I thought. But once the token is issued, is every transaction going to need to be paid for, or am I good ?
Jul 03 2017 15:39
every transaction is paid for
Jul 03 2017 16:33
@rajpa thanks - so looking at the example of the example in the screenshot would cost 0.0022ETH to create the token and after that no costs to use the token. Am i getting everything right ?
Jul 03 2017 19:25
need to verify if a vip presale of token is legitimate or no. someone knows what the vip presale process is? dont want just sent money in a scamer pocket