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Jul 2017
Jul 07 2017 02:52
@UriLucioWald You can check out the ERC20 Standards on Youtube. If you are looking for Exact Method on how to call a function to send ETH. You can use transfer function inside ERC20 If you want to control from contract side you need to be owner of the contract perhaps go for more advance tool like truffle Here is a link to Part 1 and 2
Jul 07 2017 05:37
@ExchangeEffect Thanks for the info
Arghya Dutta
Jul 07 2017 08:42
Any links for creating a dapp in a private ethereum network
Jul 07 2017 09:46
i am new bie, what does ETH mean?
Jul 07 2017 09:51
@ExchangeEffect This is great information, Thanks
Jul 07 2017 10:00
@x1bit ETH is the abbreviation for ether, the crypto currencie of the ethereum blockchain
like USD for United States Dollar, or EU for Euro, or BTC for Bitcoin
Jul 07 2017 18:24
Hello! I am new to coding and wondering if i should learn JavaScript before Solidity, or if I can jump right in? I am very interested in the Crypto space and would like to become a blockchain developer
Kyle H.
Jul 07 2017 19:02
+1 @josiebellini
Kyle H.
Jul 07 2017 19:26
@ENiG87 Re: the Remix Create answers you were detailing above. 1) Thanks for those, they were helpful to me as well. 2) Before deploying, do you need to set the At Address to define the address the contract will (or does) live or is At Address to specific a wallet address of the owner of the contract? Thanks in advance
Jul 07 2017 19:33
Should I learn php or go? I'm trying to be a blockchain developer
Where can someone actually learn solidity?
Anthony Albertorio
Jul 07 2017 22:25
Check Udemy
and the docs
Is it possible to create a mobile app on say iOS or android that has ethereum or some sort of decentralized tech as its back end
So that all the data is stored locally on phone only? And if requested backed up on server
Craig Banach
Jul 07 2017 23:11
Any advice for setting up a development environment? (windows)