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Jul 2017
Rocky Fikki
Jul 08 2017 02:23
@CraigBanach not to hard, much easier if you have a good processor and SSD drive.
Helg Broforsky
Jul 08 2017 11:13
Hello everyone!
Peter Mruk
Jul 08 2017 18:31
this is extremely frustrating; the token smart contract program and the DAO smart contract program work and compile perfectly on the ethereum (GETH) wallet in the test network , but the ICO code does not compile..... @ENiG87 ... those creation parameters are input where? can you copy and paste the code here to clarify? What are the "x" "y" "z" parameters?? I get the addresses need to be called out in the code for the beneficiary and the smart contract address of the token. Do i need to call out String public address "0x00sadsdfsdfs0fsfds0";
string public X "??";
Jul 08 2017 21:27
Wait until your node has fully started and try again. Does anyone know what this means? I can't seem to log in!