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Jul 2017
Jul 11 2017 01:41
the code of the crowdsale page doesn't run as-is
there is a token variable on the first line
what are you supposed to do with that?
Jul 11 2017 02:54
@web-site-design you should open the ethereum app directly from the folder you downloaded it in and it should open ... unless youve got your mac set to only open applications from trusted devs ... which means youll need to change that ...
Jul 11 2017 17:11
Hi, guyz.
I've got a question about how contracts work.
If there's event in some contract method, there's no way it would be logged if transaction fails, right?
Qqwy / Wiebe-Marten
Jul 11 2017 18:21

@xallavon That is a good question. Common sense tells me that indeed, they would only be logged if the contract call succeeded.

But I'm not entirely sure

Most of the time, one would put the assertions/requirements on top of the method body, followed by the contract mutations, and with the events only at the end.
But of course there might be cases of contracts calling other contracts etc. where this does not hold
So I'm not sure
Jul 11 2017 19:07
@Qqwy yes, that's exactly what i thought. And i want to be sure that if i see event, it really happened. I can write simple contract to check it, but I hope that someone here already knows this for sure or maybe can tell me where to ask
Jul 11 2017 22:15
ey, can anyone help me find a template for an ethereum holder contract? The desire here is to give users an address to deposit to on an exchange, record their deposits into their accounts as they are received and have all the ether available in one place to send / spend