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Jul 2017
Jul 12 2017 11:01
@concepttheory If I understand you correctly you want to know if you have to give an adress before creation of a contract? The answer to that question is no! Remix is creating a new address for your contract. The same goes for Ethereum Wallet. I could imagine that you can could create or give your own address, but I wouldn't know how. But starting with solidity you don't have to worry about stuff like that :)
Jul 12 2017 11:07
@zonekidd40: in remix you have on the right side the contract windows
here you can create the contract with the following parameters "exampleaddress", 1000, 100, 1, "addressofyourtoken"
write it exactly like this (with the quotes i mean) and it should work
as to your further question: i'm at a loss, I have not yet tried geth and therefore can not be of much help to you.
As for the parameters: Those are those specified in your creator-function.
    function Crowdsale(
        address ifSuccessfulSendTo,
        uint fundingGoalInEthers,
        uint durationInMinutes,
        uint etherCostOfEachToken,
        token addressOfTokenUsedAsReward
so, when you create the contract crowdsale for the first time, you should give these to make sure the contract is working as specified.
Jul 12 2017 11:13
first address can be your own walletaddress in quotes, next 3 parameters are all numbers, so they can be given plain, separated by comma.
the last parameter token is also an address like the first one, but the one where the first contract "token" has been created
so first create the token contract, then copy the address and give it as the token parameter (again in quotes)
so in the end something like the following should be in the field next to the create button:
"0x012312321", 1000, 100, 1, "0x676747456464"
@reesjohnson First time starting a node can be a b**ch
@reesjohnson Delete all the chaindata you allready downloaded and try again
You can find tutorials on that online :)
Jul 12 2017 11:19
@droter No, thats not possible per design!
@droter Thats the good and the bad about Decentralized Apps: Once compiled and sent away, there's nothing more you can do, other than interacting with the contract or setting it inactive
@droter So you have to be really sure your program is doing what it's supposed to do because it will stay on the chain <creepyvoice>FOREVER</creepyvoice>
@willthib you are supposed to create the token first, then give it's address as one of the parameters when creating the crowdsale contract
Jul 12 2017 11:26
@thenoctus Wouldn't the template for the crowdsale or the auction serve your desire? Of course, there would be some tailoring required, but it's a good starting point
@thenoctus I found this example of an auction contract very helpful
So finally, something on my own account: I recently lost my worklaptop, i.e. it crashed and isn't able to recover, so I have to use another one. Problem is that all my data and especially my fully synched testnet-node is now gone. Happily I still got my code for my prototype, so thats nice. But of course I lost my keystore and no longer have access to my old accounts.
Jul 12 2017 11:32
I recently installed a new node on this here laptop but I still need one thing: Testnet-Ether
If one of y'all would be so kind as to give me 5-10 Testnet Ether, that would be very much appreciated
just pm me and i will send you my new address
Of course I would (and did) try but the bugger seems to be malfunctioning and no ether drips to my account.
So, anyone have some testnet ether he or she can spare?
Thank you for listening :)
Jul 12 2017 11:47
any one help me
Jul 12 2017 11:54
i have some EMVtoken at etherdelta and i wanna withdrawal that to cryptoderivatives exchange, tell me how the tutorial
and be a little more specific next time, please
Jul 12 2017 15:39
Jul 12 2017 20:32
how can you build the organization?
it says build the organization an dafter i click on the link, it just lands me on the middle of nowhere
Jul 12 2017 22:05
I just made my first coin. I wanted to make 100 million coins but I set my decimal at 2, so it only made 1 million. Is there a way to go back and change that or do I need to make a brand new contract?