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Jul 2017
Zhigang Song
Jul 14 2017 02:30


where can i get some testnet ether?

Jul 14 2017 07:06
at the start of the create your own crypto page it says "THE CODE if you want to copy and paste the code .." where should i paste the code ?
Jul 14 2017 07:46
@sidgwick From the Ethereum Wallet you can choose to mine, but for me that's always bugged
other way is to search for a testnet faucet
or ask here, if somebody would be nice enough to give you some
@Piratedripp best would be to paste it in some kind of ide or text editor, so you can rewrite the code to your needs
if you don't want to go to the trouble of choosing and installing a dev environment you could try remix
just go to and paste the code there
Zhigang Song
Jul 14 2017 11:11
@ENiG87 thank you. i try to use testrpc now.
Jul 14 2017 16:19
Hi Guys… when I try to run MetaCoin (truffle framework), and npm run dev… when http://localhost:8080 always shows me You have 0 Meta. Even though, the contract constructor:
balances[tx.origin] = 10000;
MetaMask is running on localhost:8545 & testrpc is running
How come I don’t see the 10000 Meta coins on the web app?
I feel I’m missing something?
Jul 14 2017 16:33
FIXED (if others stumble on this): All I needed to do is import the first account from testRPC by the private key, then you’ll see the tokens… Also you can only send to other addresses testrpc created
Rocky Fikki
Jul 14 2017 23:22