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Jul 2017
Jul 17 2017 07:32
@razaamir please elaborate
Jul 17 2017 14:55
little assistance please. I am synced, I am mining, but I feel like I am not doing something right. Ran all night, no progress, not a penny. Is ethminer -U all that is needed or am I missing parameters for basic mining
Jul 17 2017 15:21
Anyone know why the example crowdsale code on the Ethereum website does not work? There is a problem with the first line that states unused local var 'contract token { function transfer(address receiver, uint amount){ } }'
if you remove that function it then errors 'Identifier not found or not unique.
token public tokenReward;
Jul 17 2017 15:40
sorted it
rather than {} just put ;
Jul 17 2017 16:54
hello guys i want to ask about something
what is the average time for 4 developers to implement full solution using the blockchain ?
Jul 17 2017 22:22
guys quick Q: what's the diff b/w truffle, embark, and parity?
Ajay Singh
Jul 17 2017 23:00
@danielnjoo Truffle - Is tools which can be used compile, Deploy and test your smart contract.
Parity - Is one of the implementation of Ethereum client like go-ethereum , cpp-ethereum.
Embark - Embark is a framework that allows you to easily develop and deploy Decentralized Applications (DApps).
Jul 17 2017 23:28
@ajayatgit thanks for the thorough explanation, understand it a lot better now