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Jul 2017
Jul 18 2017 09:16
create contract tips: intrinsic gas too low
if send ether 0. i can create it.
but not allow tranfers
Jul 18 2017 09:41
会多出来一个 <stdin>:ZhaoxiCoin:
Jul 18 2017 09:42
Hi can somebody help me with ethereum contracts
Yoichi Hirai
Jul 18 2017 09:43
Ask a question right away, or try
Jul 18 2017 09:55

can someone help me with send token

const defaultEstimateGas = 50000000
const myContractSend = web3.eth.contract(abi).at('0x446c3Ae44f43BCc9a51F2582Af76FD050b8916A8')
myContractSend.transfer.sendTransaction('0x0C22B633bc8372a1956716330E34Eb548f3Df2ac', 2, {
    gas: web3.toHex(defaultEstimateGas)
}, function(a, b) { console.log(a, b) })

it gives me an error Error: invalid address
but those addresses listed are valid

Jul 18 2017 09:56
I wanna know ,how sendTransaction for JSON-RPC
or curl param
Jul 18 2017 10:27
Привет! Есть ,кто может общаться на Русском?
Pls tag me if you want more details regarding this.
Jul 18 2017 13:39
hello my name is boukezzoula amine form algeria , i want to build first algerian cryptocurrency , so algerian people can use to shop and Buy/sell . if any one can guide me or help me please email me at :
Jul 18 2017 15:17
@Boukezzoula seems as if you were a canditdate to emit the alg-token
or Algerian First.Token
as the usage of cryptocoins is allowed in algeria
be aware of that, otherwise you could get into trouble
Jul 18 2017 18:56
i see , i want to build it as university project and i want it to be a payment solution for algerian people , the future now is for crypto and electronic currencies and my county and third world countries need to take step in this field :) im seeking your help guys
Jul 18 2017 21:34
Hi, looking for someone willing to teach an investment banking analyst how to set up crowdsale contracts, cryptocurrency, etc.
We can discuss pay.