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Jul 2017
Jul 21 2017 03:47
Hi guys
I can deployed open-ethereum-pool. But i have 2 questions.. how sync blockchain faster?
and how i can deploy musicoin pool
Jul 21 2017 06:50
i have deployed one smart contract on mist may i know how can i use that from web application in php or js
Jul 21 2017 09:03
Can you create a token for a traditional business? Lets say a bio-technology company with intercultural property?
Jul 21 2017 09:54
you can create a token for almost anything
the important part is, that you have a business modell with customers who want your token or are interested in the additional value you could provide
you should have an idea for what you want to use your token first
i don't think that a generic bio-tec-coin would fly just because there was none and you were the first
it should bring some kind of value to your customers
Jul 21 2017 16:57
Hi . I am running test net to deploy an example token. However my gas per ethereum is "0.0 ether per million gas" and the contract will not send because of lack of gas. Do you know how to fix this setting error ?
It said "Intrinsic gas too low". Thank you
Jul 21 2017 18:34
can u help me
Soma Suzuki
Jul 21 2017 20:42
@napbla I am having the exactly same problem