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Jul 2017
Jul 25 2017 03:23
anyone else having issues using this token contract code?
Jul 25 2017 07:34
Hi everyone, I'm using web3 in nodejs to connect to ropsten. Is there a way to load an existing wallet to via nodejs?
Jul 25 2017 08:04
@roque1776 what do you mean by that? there is no way you can negate the current exchange rate for ether, so you just have to make your app as efficient as possible.
@djordan28054 what contract code? if you mean the token contract from the ethereum website: noone is having any problem with that as it is running smoothly. if you are experiencing problems with the code then your development environment is the cause of the problem.
Jul 25 2017 08:10
@squlio-jmul web3 doesn't have this feature as of now. but you could try this module for node.js:
with that you can create and load accounts
Jul 25 2017 09:05
Thanks @ENiG87 I will take a look at that
another question for you
So im trying to write my own version of oracle
So a function in my contract will broadcast and event. A listener in the console will receive that event and do whatever it needs to do, and then fire a callback
is it possible that the from param in the sendTransaction is coming from a contract address?
Jul 25 2017 09:11
for example mycontract.callback({from: someOtherContractAddress});
I keep getting Error: unknown account
My guess is the from address can only be any address listed in my eth.accounts?
Jul 25 2017 11:11
i will write you a pm
Jul 25 2017 16:19
Hi all, has anyone managed to install solidity on a windows machine?
i've wasted hours trying to resolve "'solc' is not recognized as an internal or external command"...
Jul 25 2017 22:06
Hi ,using parity we managed to create acc,create a contract ,deploy it but we cannot use the app for token deployment :u get a attaching contract msg for ever We are in kovan test net .