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Jul 2017
Jul 27 2017 01:30
hey all, I'm reading up on things to build my own just-for-fun token. Trying to figure out if it's worth it to implement my token as ERC223 compliant or if I should just stick with ERC20. I know it's backwards-compatible, but I'm also concerned about it being forward-compatible (compatible with the industry as it moves forward from ERC20 to whatever follows)
Is anyone able to provide advice/guidance?
Jul 27 2017 07:27
@zonekidd40 so yeah, i wasn't sure if it could be that, but sometimes it really is the obvious stuff. it happens. notice that in remix you can copy the address of the contract creating account by clicking on the symbol next to the drop down menu
sorry for double post, but notice the symbol right next to account. clicking on that will copy the address to the clipboard for use in creation, etc.
Jul 27 2017 14:16
Hi, I was looking to create a token and interact with the functions of the token contract through a web interface. What would be the best way to go about this interaction?
Peter Mruk
Jul 27 2017 18:37
unfortunately it did not work... I'm stumped
Jul 27 2017 19:37

web3.js with Native Mobile iOS & Android App

I am having difficulty integrating web3.js with a native mobile App (iOS & Android), would it be reasonable to use a cloud server to npm install web3 and let the mobile App connect to that Cloud server instance to make all calls to a deployed Smart Contract?
Jul 27 2017 22:04
@zonekidd40 I am going to try this and see what happens
Try this, if you get it to work get back to me on this chat, and I'll do the same