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Jul 2017
Jul 31 2017 08:38
Hi guys. I have question about gas. I'm getting mixed gas consumption for the same function call in Ropsten. Sometimes my function goes through, sometimes it's out of gas. Is this normal?
Matt Droter
Jul 31 2017 14:34
@squlio-jmul Noticed the same thing. I have seen the gas price at $1.85. Why is it so high? Or am I not reading that correctly.
Srinivas Varada
Jul 31 2017 15:42
Ethereum studio VM is not accessible in Azure
Jul 31 2017 17:40
Hi. Is there a real purpose to the greeter contrasct besides just testing and learning how things work?
Jul 31 2017 18:56
Can I use bubble programming platform to write smart contracts?