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Aug 2017
Jacks Mirzoyan
Aug 02 2017 09:10
Is it possible to create own token with existing name? E.g., Golem (GNT)? Or token names must be unique?
Jacks Mirzoyan
Aug 02 2017 09:38
Aug 02 2017 09:46
hi there
want to run ICO. if there is some people who would to hear more about the project
talk to me in private. :)
Aug 02 2017 11:32
@dauletmyrzan: of course you can create a token with every name you want to give it. expect to maybe get legal problems with copyright etc.
but nothing explicitly forbids you from creating GolemToken, or SuperToken, or DogeCoin, or even PlacentaCoin
problem is, the GNT already exists
so you would not be ill-advised, to just copy and paste their name
as always identifiability is key in naming your token!
Aug 02 2017 11:59
Hi guys, I want to create a smart contract on the Ethereum network. When someone writes on the blockchain e.g. asking a question (this cost gas to write which we need to pay). But gas is variable. How can i write a piece of code which equals the current gas price of ETHER with the value of my own token?
Aug 02 2017 12:38
why would you want that @parzinskij, then you just have a mirror currency of ether
what would be there to gain from that?
in fact, that you are not bound to the ether price is the main advantage of having your own token
you can always adjust the price of your token, you could even write a function for that
for example: current price of ether, past price of ether, the delta amount will be used to adjust your own token, could even be percentage-wise
Aug 02 2017 15:48
Sorry what I meant was how can I write a smart contract for when a user writes om my Dapp which cost gas and the contract takes the current gas price in ETH and lets the user pay in my own crypto currency since i want to make people pay in my own token for gas usage.
Aug 02 2017 19:29
I'm trying to copy and paste the sample DAO codes available in but they won't compile. The token didn't give me a hard time, but the DAO is generating errors I cannot solve... since I don't code. Can you point me in the right direction, please?
Aug 02 2017 20:35
Is there a problem with rinkeby network? I have not any synchronization in 2 hours? Can others connect? Thanks.
Rocky Fikki
Aug 02 2017 20:38
rinkeby seems ok: